The 5th Edition of the Swiss-Israel Lean Launchpad programme for digital trust, a collaboration of Innosuisse, Swissnex and Cyber-Defence Campus offers startups a close-up of the inner workings of the Israeli startup nation. This 10-week hybrid startup exchange programme provides access to the vibrant startup culture in Israel. The programme is tailor-made to the needs of each participating startup.

The seminars offered in this programme provide firsthand insights into the toolbox of Israeli entrepreneurs, covering topics such as mastering your storytelling, pitching and more. Furthermore, the personal mentoring sessions allow startups to connect with Israeli partners.

The hybrid programme includes meetings with Israeli industry leaders. You will learn from Israeli entrepreneurs, about Israeli culture, the Israeli venture capital landscape, and the Israeli way of presenting your business and pitching. Group sessions cover subjects like marketing, storytelling, business model design, and pivoting, among others. The programme also includes personal mentoring sessions for your startup. During your time in Israel, our team aims to give you a taste of what else there is to see in Israel, including a visit to Jerusalem and exploring the great local food scene.

We care about our participants and want them to take away the most that they can. That’s why our programme is tailor-made for the startups, that partake. Hence, the subjects of the group-sessions vary, depending on the needs and requests of the participating startups. Overall, we ask for an average time investment of two hours per week. Further details about the programme schedule will be shared during the interview following your application.

If you are unsure whether your startup is a good fit for the programme, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at the Swiss Embassy in Israel. Schedule a zoom call and let’s get to know each other. The team will adapt the programme to create the best possible fit for all participating startups.

Who can apply? 

The programme is designed for founders/co-founders actively seeking a product-market fit in the specified vertical, demonstrating a willingness to learn, and possessing commitment and passion for their ventures. Start-ups must be enrolled or eligible for enrollment in a Swiss coaching programme, and choose Israel for their exposure camp.


A 10-week hybrid startup exchange programme tailored to the needs of each participating startup, including a two days seminars in Zurich and a week-long seminar in Israel.


The programme starts with a 2-day workshop in Switzerland in February 5th 2024, then 9 weeks online and finally a week-long visit to Israel in April 2024.

Startups will invest an average of two hours per week for online meetings during the online programme (this includes group sessions with Israeli entrepreneurs, investors and domain experts as well as 1-on-1 mentoring sessions). Furthermore, to fully leverage the programme’s potential and networking in Israel, some additional work might be required.

How to apply?

Apply through the Google Forms and complete the official Innosuisse form, which will be sent to you after signing up. The application period ends on 10. November 2023

APPLY HERE, find out more about our ALUMNI, or get answers in the FAQ section.


  • David Biegeleisen

    David Biegeleisen

    Head of the Science and Innovation Office at the Embassy of Switzerland in Israel

  • Noga Ehrlich

    Noga Ehrlich

    Startup Programs Manager at Embassy of Switzerland in Israel

  • Fabienne Bilfeld

    Fabienne Bilfeld

    Academic Attaché at the Embassy of Switzerland in Israel

  • Haya Haddad

    Haya Haddad

    Social Media Science and Innovation Office at the Embassy of Switzerland in Israel

  • Alina Shkolnikov

    Alina Shkolnikov

    Impact Innovation consultant, Founder of TAI Consulting and CPO at PollyLabs

  • Lior Shoham

    Lior Shoham

    CEO and Founder, Lior Shoham LTD

  • Ofir Gal-On

    Ofir Gal-On

    Senior consultant, Lior Shoham LTD


Application timeline: Applications* are open from October 9 to November 10, 2023.


*The application process includes filling in the official Innosuisse form, which will be sent to you after signing up. Please make sure to fill in the form before November 10 to be considered.