• What is the value of joining the Swiss-Israel Lean Launchpad?

    The programme offers connections to an open-minded healthcare system, including some of the most innovative institutions in the world, access to first class researchers, opportunities to meet successful entrepreneurs and more.

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  • What criteria does my startup need to fulfill in order to join the programme?

    To participate in the Swiss-Israel Lean Launchpad your startup needs to be accredited by Innosuisse and working with an Innosuisse coach. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to assist you with the Innosuisse accreditation.

  • Do I need to be the founder or co-founder of the startup?

    No, your team can choose who you want to send to the program.

  • How much does this programme cost?

    The programme is fully covered by Innosuisse.

  • Do I have to pay for my trip to Israel?

    Innosuisse offers each startup a fixed stipend for the trip to Israel. Our team takes care of booking your flights, hotels and some of the meals (unless you decide otherwise). It is possible you’ll have to cover parts of the expenses as Israel is a very expensive country, all will be clearly communicated with you throughout the programme. What you do outside of the programme is your choice and will have to be covered independently.

  • Is speaking English a requirement?

    English is usually the language of our interactions. So, participants must at least have a command of English, which is strong enough to participate in small group conversations and to present their work.

  • Is there an interview as part of the selection process?

    The people part-taking in the Swiss-Israel Lean Launchpad are crucial for the success of this programme. We believe this holds true for our partners, contributors, our working staff as well as the participating startups. This is why we have a 30-min online exchange with every programme-applicant as part of the selection process. Thereby, we try to make sure to create the best possible fit for the programme. More so, the application process includes filling in the official Innosuisse form, which will be sent to you after signing up. Please make sure to fill in the form before Fabruary 24, 2023 to be considered.

  • What to do if you are not sure about your startup's fit to the programme?

    If you are questioning your startups’ fit for the programme, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at the Swiss Embassy in Israel. Schedule a zoom call via the google form hiding behind the APPLY button and let’s get to know each other. The team adapts the programme to create the best possible fit for all participating startups.

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  • Can I join only part of the programme?

    Our team puts in countless hours to create an interesting and inspiring tailor-made programme to facilitate a valuable experience for all participants. Therefore, we strongly encourage participants to join every session and the full visit in Israel.

  • What happens after the programme?

    Building connections is a long-term effort. This is why we keep in touch with our alumni, even after the programme is over. As long as our alumni need us we continue assisting them in their dealings in Israel. We also try to meet at least once a year in Switzerland.

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