The Startups

The startups participating at the Swiss-Israeli Lean Launchpad programme are enrolled and approved by Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency. Each cohort brings Swiss startups from a specific vertical together. Past cohorts have focused on HealthTech, Agri/Food Tech, and Digital Trust.

About The Startups

  • Agilery AGJonas Schneider

    Agilery is revolutionizing the food industry by reimagining the way food products are manufactured. They partner with food brands to bring innovative products to market quickly and efficiently, leveraging a network of manufacturers across Europe.

  • Avea LifeDuri Granziol and Pascal Rode

    AVEA’s mission is to supply society with evidence-based longevity insights, supplements, and devices. We provide “at-home” solutions for healthy ageing to anyone who wants to feel invigorated, vibrant and youthful for as long as possible.

  • BeeHelpful SAGianmario Riganti and Alessandro Gamberoni

    BeeHelpful SA produces and sells the patented PrimalBee Hive to better manage honey bees: -70% cost, +200% harvesting and pollination capability. PrimalBee Hive scalable technology can replace every hive in the world boosting biodiversity.

  • CatchfreeLukas Boeker and Severin Eder

    We deliver you the seafood experience without a catch!
    At catchfree, we develop plant-based seafood alternatives without compromising the consumers’ experience.

  • Fruitful Farming AGAlberto Canedese and Thomas Kleiven

    Today’s world requires sustainable ways of growing food in highly-efficient, controlled environments. We build automated AI-driven software for indoor farming which dynamically optimizes plant quality, production output, and resource utilization.

  • ProDecipher GmbHSanket Bhatia

    Validating sustainability claims through supply chain traceability.

  • SalleaDr. Nicole Kleger and Simona Fehlmann

    Sallea develops the next generation of cell culture scaffolds for the cultivation of whole cut meat and fish filets.

  • SERA Intelligence GmbHFlorin Munteanu, Cristian Anastasiu and William McGehee

    SERA is a SaaS company working on semi-autonomous cultivation management software that uses data to define a new operating model for greenhouses. Our goal is to make growing more accessible and simple worldwide.

  • SmartBreed AGChristoph Bertschi

    SmartBreed manufactures breeding facilities for the black soldier fly larva, which are placed near the organic waste streams.

  • Umami AGDenis Weinberg and Martino Corti

    Umami is a permacultural vertical farm located in Zürich. We created a circular ecosystem where different organisms live in synergy. Our nutrient-rich environment is so balanced that we don’t need to add chemical fertilizers or antibiotics.

  • UpgrainEduard Mueller

    Our mission is to provide sustainable barley that is accessible to all, reducing reliance on resource-intensive alternatives while protecting the environment for future generations.

  • aiEndoscopicPeter Biro and Philippe Ganz

    aiEndoscopic revolutionizes modern Endoscopy. We combine artificial intelligence with robotic endoscopy to make complex procedures easier or even autonomous.

  • AI MedicalChristian Federau

    AI Medical develops innovative artificial intelligence solutions for applications in neuroradiology. We develop intuitive, powerful, and easy-to-use diagnostic software solutions adapted for neuroradiologists to set a new standard in the quality and the quantification of neuroradiological reporting.

  • BionterAngelika Schrems

    Sub-visible particles (SvPs) are a potential risk for patients and hence they are mandatory to be tested in any injectable drug. Bionter is a premier analytical testing supplier, addressing today’s challenges of Biopharma companies for SvPs analysis. Our solution, compared to others, reduces sample size, saves costs, and increases efficiency.

  • iSleepÖzge Yüzgeç

    iSleep offers high accuracy, interactive and automated brain state detection solutions based on eye tracking to medical experts for mobile monitoring, diagnostics and treatments.

  • Lighthouse TechNathan Deutsch

    Lighthouse Tech provides LTH01, a smart, fashion eyewear frame for people with vision impairment, blindness, and spatial perceptual disorders. LTH01’s sensors help users detect and avoid obstacles in their path. It is fashionable and reliable to inspire users to get outside with confidence.

  • MUVON TherapeuticsSteve Kappenthuler

    MUVON Therapeutics is developing a cell therapy for the regeneration of skeletal muscle tissue using the patients own cells to not only repair damaged tissue but also increase the regenerative potential of weakened muscles. Our initial therapeutic focus is the treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women (phase II).

  • NXI TherapeuticsRajesh Jayachandran and Ruben Herrendorff

    NXI Therapeutics is a preclinical stage biotechnology company operating at the forefront of T-cell based immunosuppression. The company is focused on the research and development of an entirely novel class of immunosuppressive therapies and diagnostics for autoimmune diseases and organ transplantation.

  • SpirecutClémence Hermann and Frédéric Schuind

    Spirecut offers patented surgical instruments, called Sono-Instruments®, for percutaneous ultrasound-guided release of carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger. Our surgical technique provides several unique benefits, allowing safe, quick and efficient surgery without any skin incision or resulting scars.

  • b-rayZDr. Alexander Ciritsis

    AI solutions for radiology: b-rayZ developed a revolutionary AI software that supports the daily work of the radiologist in mammography with real-time assessment of image quality and breast density. The breast box is a plug-and-play solution, easily scalable in functionality, and tailored to different profiles of users. All diagnostic and administrative tasks related to the interpretation breast imaging data are automated by the platform and allow complete traceability of processes. The startup is a spinoff of the University Hospital of Zurich.

  • RisklickDr. Quentin Haas

    Clinical trial optimization: Risklick AG is a multidisciplinary team of data scientist, risk analyst and clinical trial experts whose focus is to assist clinical trial designers analyze and mitigate risk of their clinical trial in design phase by utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence technology on big clinical trial data. Specifically, Risklick AG prevents prognosticates and counteracts negative surprises by learning from previous clinical trials. Risklick is collaborating with large pharmaceutical companies, universities and hospitals.

  • Healthy-LongerJoanna Ledunger and Roland Pfeuti

    Preventive nutrition: Healthy-Longer provides customized preventive nutrition recommendations based on individual health analyses (biomarker or genetic). In addition the clients receives a personalized guidance to address specific brain imbalances and improve their mental health by incorporating scientifically proven preventive nutrition into their daily nutrition.

  • Hi-D ImagingDr. Utku Gülan

    AI for medical imaging: Hi-D Imaging is a medtech start-up that aims to revolutionize the medical imaging sector by reducing pre-operational/surgical planning complexity and times, overcoming limitations of medical scans for patients with cardiovascular diseases and reducing unnecessary medical imaging examinations. The startup’s novel AI-based decision-making support software is a fusion of different state-of-the-art technologies, which allows heart professionals to perform accurate, reliable, fast and personalized cardiac planning. Hi-D Imaging is an ETH Spinoff.

  • LimulaThomas Eaton

    Cell and gene therapy: Limula developed a unique technology that enables production of CAR T-cell therapies at scale, through automation and standardization. The startup offers a unique platform technology that can perform every step of the cell therapy manufacturing process in a single device, co-located at the hospital. Their technology has the potential to catalyse the transition towards the widespread adoption of highly personalized treatments, and radically broaden their accessibility.

  • MirrakoiPablo Garcia-Amorena

    Medical 3D printing: Mirrakoi develops a software (Rhino3DMedical) for CMF and orthopedic surgical planning, serving as a bridge between medical imaging modalities and 3D printers. The startup provides a software suite that allows clinicians to directly 3D print their model of interest from CT/MRI imaging scans, with no technical training and without the need for an additional learning curve. Mirrakoi is a spin-off company of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Lausanne).

  • CitusBettina Thumm

    Skin diagnostics: Citus has the mission to improve skin care. The startup does this by providing the best engineering solutions for clinical skin assessments. The startup supports clinicians in the fields of skin diseases with objective measurement techniques and digital solutions to improve the quality of patient assessment, as well as to enhance evidence-based treatment indication. The first product, called the NIMBLE, is a novel suction device offering pain-free measurement of skin’s elasticity. Application fields are within scar treatments, diagnosis of fibrotic skin diseases, and development of testing of skin care products.

  • OneDocArthur Germain

    E-health: OneDoc allows patients to look for their preferred health professional and book their medical appointments with just a few clicks. The startup also provides specific digital tools to doctors, dentists and therapists in order to help them better manage their agenda, invoice their patients and gain admin time. OneDoc was the officially recommended tool of the Swiss government for the administration and data collection of the Covid-19 vaccine.

  • plusbiomeJulia Biwer and Dr. Marc Creus

    Customised probiotics: plusbiome is a Swiss microbiome start-up with the purpose to making microbiome knowledge accessible to everyone. The startup built a microbiome development platform that links relevant scientific knowledge on the microbiome, including strain characterization and medical indications. Clients can order the right probiotics for their needs and track their progress.

  • TerapetDr. Christina Vallgren

    Proton therapy for cancer treatment: Terapet develops and commercializes innovative solutions for a safer, more precise and time-saving proton therapy for cancer treatment. The startup’s vision is to ensure that every cancer patient receives the right dose, every time.