Swiss-Israel Lean Launchpad startups

  • Dr. Nicole Kleger and Simona Fehlmann Saella 

    Sallea develops the next generation of cell culture scaffolds for the cultivation of whole cut meat and fish filets. Find more about Sallea

  • Alberto Canedese and Thomas KleivenFruitful Farming AG

    Today’s world requires sustainable ways of growing food in highly-efficient, controlled environments. We build automated AI-driven software for indoor farming which dynamically optimizes plant quality, production output, and resource utilization. Find more about Fruitful 

  • Jonas SchneiderAgilery AG

    Agilery is revolutionizing the food industry by reimagining the way food products are manufactured. They partner with food brands to bring innovative products to market quickly and efficiently, leveraging a network of manufacturers across Europe.
  • Prakar GoelProDecipher GmbH

    Validating sustainability claims through supply chain traceability, find more about ProDecipher 

  • Eduard MuellerUpgrain

    Our mission is to provide sustainable barley that is accessible to all, reducing reliance on resource-intensive alternatives while protecting the environment for future generations.Find more about Upgrain 

  • Christoph BertschiSmartBreed AG

    SmartBreed manufactures breeding facilities for the black soldier fly larva, which are placed near the organic waste streams. Find more about SmartBreed

  • Florin Munteanu, Cristian Anastasiu and William McGeheeSERA Intelligence GmbH

    SERA is a SaaS company working on semi-autonomous cultivation management software that uses data to define a new operating model for greenhouses. Our goal is to make growing more accessible and simple worldwide.

    Find out more about SERA 


  • Duri Granziol and Pascal Rode Avea Life

    AVEA’s mission is to supply society with evidence-based longevity insights, supplements, and devices. We provide “at-home” solutions for healthy ageing to anyone who wants to feel invigorated, vibrant and youthful for as long as possible. Find more about AVEA 


  • Martino Corti and Denis Weinberg Umami AG

    Umami is a permacultural vertical farm located in Zürich. We created a circular ecosystem where different organisms live in synergy. Our nutrient-rich environment is so balanced that we don’t need to add chemical fertilizers or antibiotics. Find more about Umami AG 

  • Gianmario Riganti and Alessandro GamberoniBeeHelpful SA

    BeeHelpful SA produces and sells the patented PrimalBee Hive to better manage honey bees: -70% cost, +200% harvesting and pollination capability. PrimalBee Hive scalable technology can replace every hive in the world boosting biodiversity. Find more about BeeHelpful SA 

  • Lukas Boeker and Severin EderCatchfree

    We deliver you the seafood experience without a catch!
    At catchfree, we develop plant-based seafood alternatives without compromising the consumers’ experience.