Swiss-Israel Lean Launchpad startups

  • Peter Biro and Philippe GanzaiEndoscopic

    aiEndoscopic revolutionizes modern Endoscopy. We combine artificial intelligence with robotic endoscopy to make complex procedures easier or even autonomous.

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  • Christian FederauAI Medical

    AI Medical develops innovative artificial intelligence solutions for applications in neuroradiology. We develop intuitive, powerful, and easy-to-use diagnostic software solutions adapted for neuroradiologists to set a new standard in the quality and the quantification of neuroradiological reporting.

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  • Angelika SchremsBionter

    Sub-visible particles (SvPs) are a potential risk for patients and hence they are mandatory to be tested in any injectable drug. Bionter is a premier analytical testing supplier, addressing today’s challenges of Biopharma companies for SvPs analysis. Our solution, compared to others, reduces sample size, saves costs, and increases efficiency.

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  • Özge YüzgeçiSleep

    iSleep offers high accuracy, interactive and automated brain state detection solutions based on eye tracking to medical experts for mobile monitoring, diagnostics and treatments.

  • Nathan DeutschLighthouse Tech

    Lighthouse Tech provides LTH01, a smart, fashion eyewear frame for people with vision impairment, blindness, and spatial perceptual disorders. LTH01’s sensors help users detect and avoid obstacles in their path. It is fashionable and reliable to inspire users to get outside with confidence.

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  • Steve KappenthulerMUVON Therapeutics

    MUVON Therapeutics is developing a cell therapy for the regeneration of skeletal muscle tissue using the patients own cells to not only repair damaged tissue but also increase the regenerative potential of weakened muscles. Our initial therapeutic focus is the treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women (phase II).

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  • Rajesh Jayachandran and Ruben HerrendorffNXI Therapeutics

    NXI Therapeutics is a preclinical stage biotechnology company operating at the forefront of T-cell based immunosuppression. The company is focused on the research and development of an entirely novel class of immunosuppressive therapies and diagnostics for autoimmune diseases and organ transplantation.

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  • Clémence Hermann and Frédéric SchuindSpirecut

    Spirecut offers patented surgical instruments, called Sono-Instruments®, for percutaneous ultrasound-guided release of carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger. Our surgical technique provides several unique benefits, allowing safe, quick and efficient surgery without any skin incision or resulting scars.

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